The best developers for Indie Hackers

As bootstrappers and indie hackers ourselves, we know what you need to succeed. Here’s what makes us the best for you:


Affordable prices with top quality and flexibility

Getting to market quickly does not necessarily mean breaking your bank.
We know how to find awesome developers that don't cost as much.

Our developers usually work on an hourly basis. They can work anything from 20 to 50 hours a week, depending on your goals. To meet a milestone quickly you can increase the amount, and to maintain more runway you can decrease it.

Business Oriented Developers

Aside from having excellent communication skills, our developers are used to working on bootstrapped projects. They love to help a project grow. They understand your business model, and come up with creative ways to save time and money for you, because they truly care about your business. So it's not just the code you're getting, it's someone that codes with your business profit in mind.

Onboard devs quickly with no employment hassle

Our developers work on a contractual basis. They do not get (nor do they expect) any equity. We sign a contract and start working on bringing your product & features to the market.

Our devs are independent learners

Usually, indie hackers like to manage their developers, set them tasks and review their work. We're here to support this model. But know that our developers need little to no guidance in executing their tasks. If a task is well written on the task management system, it would be done independently by our developers.

This gives you more time to focus more on growing your business and less on managing people. But when you ever need them - they're there.

Founded By An Indie Hacker

Hey, I am Tom. A developer & team leader since 2009. I'm also an indie hacker since 2019

I’ve created various bootstrapped projects with the MagnifiCode team. We are true believers in bootstrapping, and love to serve the indie hackers community. Get to know me here on the video!

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Then, we’ll talk about important timezone considerations, the usage of a virtual office, fostering a truth-first & no-ego culture for the benefit of the business. Oh, and also a few more treats.

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