Automated ChatGPT code reviewer on GitHub

You no longer have to wait for a peer’s review in order to get feedback for your code. Save crucial time using our free open source ChatGPT (OpenAI) code reviewer.

chatgpt code reviewer github action (open source)

Integrate in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Obtain an OpenAI API key

Step 2

Create & merge a PR to add the chatgpt code reviewer github action

Step 3

Create a new PR with any code changes

Step 4

Receive automated comments by ChatGPT to improve your code

How it works

As a code reviewer, you know the importance of providing thorough and effective feedback on code changes. But reviewing code can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when you have to do it manually for every pull request. That’s where our open sourced Github action for automatic code review comments comes in.

By utilizing the OpenAI (ChatGPT) API, this automatic code reviewer action can analyze code changes and provide helpful comments to the pull request automatically. This saves you time and ensures that all pull requests receive the same level of thorough review.


Even if you plan to still review the code on your own(which you should), the PR author can fix changes ChatGPT reviewer has spotted, before making a context switch, right after finishing the task. The human reviewer would receive the code after ChatGPT recommended changes have been fixed.

Visit the repository to learn how to enable the ChatGPT code reviewer.

Get it now

Take advantage of the ChatGPT code reviewer to streamline your code review process and provide effective feedback to your team.

Find it now on github actions marketplace or directly in our github repository. The usage is free and open source:

automated github code reviewer action on github marketplace

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