Each of the developers in MagnifiCode is one that's used to the startup way of things. We love it as it allows us to not just be another developer in a huge organization, but TRULY make an impact on the business. If you need more developers for your team, here's why you should talk to us:

Bootstrappers and Indie Hackers

As bootstrappers and indie hackers ourselves, we understand you best, and know what you expect of developers you hire. If you want to understand why we're the best software agency for indie hackers, you're in the right place.

Marketing Technology

Being a business oriented software development agency, we pride ourselves with unusual expertise amongst developers: marketing. We love building projects that help the growth of the company, as well as setting up relevant integrations and automations to help your business thrive and make your campaign's data be accurate.

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Remote Software Development

The Definitive Guide

In this ebook, you’ll initially learn how to synchronize the remote team to work more efficiently, learn how transparent you should be, which software you should use, how to perform a brainstorm session remotely, etc.

Then, we’ll talk about important timezone considerations, the usage of a virtual office, fostering a truth-first & no-ego culture for the benefit of the business. Oh, and also a few more treats.

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