Project Duration
6 Months
Company Type
User Locations

About the project

Workkit is a promising startup in the gig economy field.

It is a two-sided marketplace that connects workers searching for jobs to businesses looking for workers.

Founders are non-technical and they hired us as their development team.


About the challenge

The main challenge here was to create a simple working MVP while staying on a budget an supporting 100K+ concurrent users.

Also, we needed 2 different front-ends:

1. Workers side, allowed for a location-based job search

2. Businesses: allowed businesses to create branches and post jobs, for workers to find.


How we solved it

Initially we took a look on the relevant design, calculated the estimated time it’d take us to complete.

If we were to do the initial design, we wouldn’t finish on time and budget.

We suggested to leave some features, and only support desktops for business side and only mobiles for workers side.

Our suggestions were happily accepted by Workkit, and we finished as expected.

In terms of technical implementation, we took the simplest possible approach to meet our business goal: 2 react front-ends, a mongoDB hosted in Atlas, and an ECS service hosted on AWS.




NestJS, NodeJS, MongoDB

Frontend: Vercel, Backend: AWS - ECS, MongoDB Atlas

Suggested services

Tom Zach
Delivery: 1 Year


  • Web Development


Tom Zach
Delivery: 6 Months


  • Web Development


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